Social Media Today - Latest News Media Todayen-usMon, 09 May 2022 16:38:10 -040015 Behind the Scenes Content Ideas to Share on Instagram [Infographic]<p>Stuck for content ideas? Some quick prompts to get you thinking about your next Instagram post.</p>Mark Walker-FordMon, 09 May 2022 16:38:10 -0400 Announces a $14 Million Expansion of its Digital Skills Training Initiative with Goodwill<p>The program aims to provide digital skills and literacy training in underprivileged communities.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 09 May 2022 16:14:25 -0400 Study Outlines Key Snapchat Ads Best Practices, Based on 14,000 Campaigns<p>The study looks at key best practices for Snap ads, which could help you develop a more effective marketing approach on the platform.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 09 May 2022 15:55:00 -0400 Expands Ad Data Verification Partnership with Integral Ad Science<p>The expanded partnership will provide more assurance on TikTok&#39;s ad performance data.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 09 May 2022 15:50:35 -0400 Shares Insights into Emerging Gaming Trends, and Opportunities for Marketers<p>TikTok has shared some new insights for gaming marketers, which are also relevant notes for all marketers on the platform.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 09 May 2022 15:31:40 -0400 Launches Initial Test of NFT Display Options, Which Are Also Coming to Facebook Soon<p>NFTs are coming to Meta&#39;s apps, with Instagram launching an initial test of its new NFT display options.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 09 May 2022 14:50:51 -0400 creator content on social media: Tips from CEOs and influencer marketing thought leaders<p>Shifts in the digital landscape made one thing clear: Consumers now want to follow people&mdash;not companies.&nbsp;</p>Mon, 09 May 2022 05:00:00 -0400 Plans to Increase Twitter's User Base by Almost 200% Over the Next Three Years<p>New details have emerged of Elon Musk&#39;s grand plans for Twitter.</p>Andrew HutchinsonSun, 08 May 2022 22:17:36 -0400's Removing a Range of Location Tracking Tools as Data Regulations Continue to Evolve<p>Why is Facebook removing these data tracking tools? It could be in line with evolving regulations.</p>Andrew HutchinsonFri, 06 May 2022 17:11:20 -0400 Shares New 'Culture Codes' to Help Advertisers Improve the Performance of Their Promotions<p>Meta has outlined some key best practices to help advertisers maximize the appeal of their promotions to modern audiences.</p>Andrew HutchinsonFri, 06 May 2022 16:36:14 -0400